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Title Author(s) Year

101 American Customs  [Book]     Collis, Harry       2000  

101 American English Idioms  [Book]     Collis, Harry       1987  

101 American English Proverbs  [Book]     Collis, Harry       1992  

101 American Superstitions  [Book]     Collis, Harry       1998  

20th-century American Sculpture in the White House Garden  [Book]     Finn, David       2000  

A Dictionary of American Proverbs  [Book]     Mieder, Wolfgang  è äð.     1996  

A People`s History of the American Revolution  [Book]     Raphael, Ray       2002  

African American Firsts  [Book]     Potter, Joan       2002  

American Accent Training  [Book]     Cook, Ann       2000  

American Art Directory 2003-2004  [Book]            2003  

American Ballet Theatre  [Book]     Kaye, Elizabeth       1999  

American Ballet Theatre Now  [DVD]     American Ballet Theatre,        1998  

American Chronicle  [Book]     Gordon, Lois G.  è äð.     1999  

American Civil Rights  [Book]     Engelbert, Phillis  ñúñòàâ.     1999  

American Decades  [Book]     Bruccoli, Matthew J.  è äð.     1996  

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